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27 Nov 2019 | 12:12 | Jan Gnapp

To help people understand more about your charity and to get more viewers, donations and interested parties, your site needs to have great content. There are several reasons why the content that you have on your charity is the most important.

Build Your Charity Brand

New Content Builds Your Site

Today on the internet, people expect websites and blogs to be updated frequently. If you just post a few pages and then disappear, no one is going to end up caring about your charity because you’re not providing enough information for people. If you want your charity and your website to grow, you have to keep adding to it with engaging content that keeps your readership interested in what you have to say. As long as you’re making frequent updates to your site, this is going to go a long way to building your site’s credibility with those who might be interested in your charity. If you want your charity to succeed, it’s all going to come down to frequent updates and engaging content that grabs the reader’s attention.

Better for SEO

Another reason you want to have a great content on your site is this helps your SEO position. search engines especially Google recognise great content and if you provided this content on a regular basis, you’re going to get a better search engine ranking. When you provide great content the search engines simply see your site as being better than other sites that are not updated very frequently and your ranking will be higher as a result. The more articles you have on your website, the more pages that are going to get indexed and the more chances that individuals are going to see your charity and click through to see what you have to say.

Learn About the Audience

By creating a lot of content you will also get a feeling about how your website readers feel. You can read comments that they leave on your individual articles and responded to those questions. Based upon what they have to say, this can help you improve your content and provide new and engaging content for your readership in the future. You may find that there’s certain content that doesn’t do a lot for your site so you can eliminate that and try something new. As a charity, you have to have a connection with your readership so you can find out more about them by creating articles and then judging reader's reactions so you can tailor your site according to their responses.


Your charity will be a success if you create great content that engages your readers. You want to ensure that you’re always creating the best content possible as this will help grow your charity, get more readers, and you’ll be able to spread the message about what your charity is about to a wide number of individuals.