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27 Nov 2019 | 11:11 | Jan Gnapp

Despite the crystal clear fundraising goal, ‘donations to date’, and compelling ‘DONATE NOW’ button, your charity website failed miserably to generate interest in 59 seconds. What’s happening? Why isn’t your website driving donations? Here are the 6 biggest reasons we see for charity sites having a high bounce rate.

Your site is slower than a sloth

If you think people will queue up to donate while your super-slow site still loads, you’re completely mistaken. A slow loading website in this fast-moving digital world isn’t a winner. In fact, poor load time is one of the major reasons behind the increased bounce rate.

Your site has unclear navigation

Raise your hand if you have a site that is more like a maze? That’s a bad sign. Not only it is bad for your fundraising campaigns, but it’s equally bad for your Search Engine Ranking and Online Visibility as well. So, put yourself in your end user’s shoe and do the revamping.

Your site isn’t mobile-friendly

The world has become mobile-first and so should your charity website. Not convinced? Well, here’s a stat to consider: about 68% of the overall traffic to a charity website is from smartphones and 79% of the users left the page in less than 5 seconds after viewing a single page. Make sure the site is responsive if you do not want to hear ‘I’ll donate later on my desktop”.

An overlooked ‘About Us’ section

Another crucial donation people are leaving your website is because of a poorly drafted ‘About Us’ content that fails to answer: Who, Why, What, When, and How! Hence, it is imperative to have an engaging and selling ‘About Us’ page to convince the Funding bodies and individual donors visiting your page.

Intimidating sign-up forms

Do you have a scary sign-up form with too many questions? If yes, chances are that your target audiences are going elsewhere. And yes, you can’t blame them for doing negative word-of-mouth marketing in their online communities. Bottom line: For donations to pour in, chip away at that form!

Lack of multiple ways to donate

Does your website offer alternatives to direct debit? If not, it’s time to explore digital wallets, PayPal, electronic check option, payment networks and tools, text message money transfer etc to overcome the conversion barrier. With more payment choices, the users can do the transfer at will, that too without worrying over security.

Final Thought – Ensuring simple, easy, and fulfilling touch points at every stage of the process is the key to amp your fundraising initiatives. Most importantly, a user-friendly website will motivate them to donate over and over again, after all, it’s their ‘giving intention’ that landed them on your charity website!