GDPR and Beyond

Cyber security and information security, particularly since the introduction of GDPR, is often portrayed as being complex and scary.  We use a common sense approach to help you understand your security posture and what you need to do in order to meet your compliance and regulatory requirements so that you can control and mitigate the risk that you face from cyber security threats. 

Our Process

No two organisations are the same, with each having its own unique challenges and requirements. We work closely with you in order to fully understand your business, your requirements and the regulations that you may be subject to.

We use this as a basis to create tailored solutions that meet your requirements.

GDPR and Data Protection

Gap Analysis

GDPR Gap Analysis

Comparing where your organisation is now to where it need to be for full GDPR compliance, information what steps need to be taken.

GDPR Management

GDPR Management

We can ensure that you have all of the necessary documentation, policies and processes in place to ensure that you are fully compliant with GDPR.

Data Protection Risk Assessment

Don't over invest against the wrong threats. This assessment ensures that your cyber security budget is spent wisely and cost effectively.

GDPR Training

Tailored to meet individual requirements, such as executive briefings for stakeholders and role based sessions for staff on how GDPR effects their daily activities.

DPO as a Service

Your organisation may be required to have a Data Protection Officer. We can offer a range of services to fulfil this role instead of the costs of a full time member of staff.

Information and Cyber Security

General Awareness


Security Awareness


Information and Cyber Assessment


ISO 27001 Assessment and Consultancy