Our Platform

Rather than costly bespoke websites or unfocused and sometimes unfriendly off-the-shelf CMS solutions, Seek Summit created it own platform for producing websites for the third sector.

The Seek Summit platform is an easy to use module based CMS built around a Drupal core with a templated front end. Being Drupal based means you get a solid, proven, reliable and secure platform capable of growing and evolving over time and capable of supporting charity websites from small to enterprise level. Our module based approach means you get all this but in a much more focused and user friendly package allowing pages to be rapidly built with a broad range of content and features. It also allows for easy website management and updating by you and your team with minimal training.

Our templated front end means you quickly benefit from our user-experience focused knowledge, research and design without the costs typically involved. Coupled with our free-form modular approach it allows us to provide a website tailored to your needs, while avoiding the expense of a bespoke solution, but also without being restrictive.

Our front end template is also fully responsive so your site will look its best whether it is being viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Our platform is constantly evolving and you will benefit from both improved and completely new features as they are added. We also listen to our clients and are happy to receive your suggestions for updates and additions to the platform which may be added to our development roadmap.

Have more than one site to manage? No problem, the Seek Summit platform is capable of using a single CMS install to manage multiple websites, making it easy for you to publish a single piece of content across all, or a selection, of your sites. Capable of handling enterprise level requirements, rest assured that as you grow your Seek Summit platform grows with you.

A Modular Approach

The platform features a host of modules chosen and designed to help you get your message and content across in the most effective way possible while being more easy to manage than a general CMS. Using these, coupled with the adaptable templates you put your pages together fast and in a way that is easy for you or your editors to understand and visualise. You can rest assured that you content will look great and remains easy for your users to consume regardless of the device they are using.

There are many such expertly designed modules including, but not limited too...


Carousel icon

Carousel Module

Great for displaying multiple images, videos and messaging in a fixed space, in eye-catching headers or anywhere else on a page. User navigable and auto scrolling with CTAs if required.

Sales Pitch icon

Sales Pitch Module

Puts your message front and centre along with imagery and a call to action. Can feature multiple sections with the template automatically taking care of the alternating layout to keep things clear.

CTA icon

CTA Module

Need to draw your user’s attention to click through to something? This module can do just that and is intelligently formatted by the template to best fit the space. Three CTAs can also be assigned to the footer.

Content Module

Ideal for copy blocks but with a WYSIWYG editor, multiple type styles to match your brand, image embedding and multiple link setup plus a source mode for HTML including i-framed content, its far from “basic”.

Listing icon

Listing Modules

Events, locations, people and companies. The Seek Summit platform has modules for displaying all these in lists and detail appropriate to each.

Media icon

Media Modules

Feature galleries, video and audio files on your pages and also setup areas for your users to download files such as documents, PDF brochures and guides.

Article icon

Article Module

Create categorised articles such as blogs, news and press releases. Features searchable lists and also a latest article carousel on the home page giving users quick access to the most recent additions.

Form icon

Form Module

Using our versatile Form Module you can easily collect custom sets of data from your users.

Newsletter icon

Newsletter Module

Allows users to sign up to your Mailchimp email distribution list. You can also manage your Mailchimp account from within the Seek Summit platform, saving you valuable time.